About us

The spirit of adventure runs throughout travel&co. We live and breathe travel that delivers breathtaking moments.

Whether it’s skiing or snowboarding; we’ve been there, done that. We’ll only recommend places and experiences we’ve enjoyed or have an unbeatable reputation.

As Active Travel Experts, our local insights and personal experience help create itineraries that are tailor made to your specifications. We’ll arrange your trip with as much attention to detail as if it was our own which means you’ll get a beyond ordinary travel experience, every time.

Why us

When you book that special travel experience, you want everything to be 100% right.

It’s about you and what you want to do. As Active Travel Experts, we ensure that each element of your trip is carefully taken care of – something you can’t be sure of when you book online or or direct with a resort.

And if the unexpected happens – flight changes, weather delays or accidents  – our experts are available by phone 24/7 to take the stress away and help put things right again.

Top 10 Reasons

There are plenty of reasons why booking your next active travel holiday with travel&co. is the way to go … here’s our top 10:

1. SAVINGS: We get the best deals and pass them on to you.
Booking with travel&co saves you time and money. We know that you are looking for the best overall solutions for your holiday and finding the best options from so many choices takes up time – your valuable time! Here at travel&co. we have all the information and best prices at our fingertips. This means when you book your trip with us, we already have latest information available and pricing in our system, like kids stay for free or buy one get one free. Plus, when you book with us there are no hidden costs. Just the best prices and options: which adds up to overall savings (time and money) for you.
2. We’ve been there
At travel&co, our Active Travel Experts have personally visited most of the resorts, islands, fishing grounds and destinations we sell. We are able to offer you first hand, unbiased advice and recommendations. You just can’t get this personal level of expertise and in-depth knowledge from a brochure. So, call us now on 0800 555 035 or read on for more reasons to choose travel&co.
3. 24/7 Assistance
When you book with us, we provide you with a 24/7 emergency assistance helpline for when the unexpected happens. So, if you need some help we’ll be there to put things right. We hope you never have to use it, but it is reassuring to know it is there.
4. Product Knowledge
We’ve been selling specialist holidays since 1986. Our qualified and experienced active travel experts are passionate skiers, boarders, divers, anglers, trail bikers and all-round active travel enthusiasts who have built a trusted relationship with the resorts and the people who run them and because of this we can provide all the insider tips on the destinations we sell.
5. Convenience
We are a one-stop shop for travel. We book all aspects of your trip from air tickets to car rentals, transfers, accommodation, lift passes, diving packages, equipment rentals, right through to insurance options that cover active travel. Everything is streamlined so you benefit with everything on one ticket with the best connections, flights, accommodation, resorts etc to suit your requirements. We make it easy for you.
6. It’s all about you
You are our customer and we work for you. This means we’ll find you the best value deals so you’ll choose us again. We value you. As our client, we know you value great service and even greater deals. It’s all about you and what you want!
7. Professional advice
Our Active Travel Experts are qualified travel agents with many years of travel industry experience, professional first-hand knowledge and experience.
8. All the right contacts
Over 30+ years’ experience we have formed significant relationships with key industry contacts, so you get the best deals available. Special promotions and discounts are given exclusively to us, which are not available online.
9. Highly Focused
We are focused on what you – as our customer – really values. Individualised, personal service with experts who know and share your passion for active travel. We’re all about delivering the best active travel on the planet.
10. No compromise
No compromise – we’re obsessed with quality. As active travel experts, we share your passion for travel and our knowledge means the experience will absolutely be as good as it can be. You’ll get a richer deeper more satisfying experience…. because we’re dedicated to the details. It might be number 10 on our list but it is definitely a top reason to choose travel&co.

Our Ski Travel Holiday team

Whatever experience you’re dreaming of, you’re in good company because we’ll match you with an active travel expert who shares your passion and loves what they do.

Having first hand experience of your chosen sport or activity in the best destinations – as well as those off the beaten track – we’ll go beyond the expected to ensure you get the experience you dreamed of at a price to suit your budget.

It’s about us taking care of the details and creating unforgettable experiences for you that are beyond the ordinary.