Wakatobi is a dive holiday destination that offers amazing marine biodiversity, macro encounters, spectacular coral gardens and spectacular dive locations. In the heart of the coral triangle, in the Southeastern Sulawesi region of Indonesia, the area is a dedicated UNESCO Marine Biosphere Reserve that covers 3.4 million acres. Discover an amazing off the beaten track destination that offers  incredible uncrowded and colourful diving experiences.


Wakatobi is located in the Tukang Besi archipelago, in the Southeastern Sulawesi region of Indonesia.  The name Wakatobi itself is derived from the first two letters of the four islands that make up this region – Wangi-wangi, Kaledupa, Tomia, Binongko  In the heart of the Coral Triangle, the entire area is a dedicated UNESCO Marine Biosphere Reserve and covers an area over 3.4 million acres in size.

Experience world class diving whether from land based resorts or by liveaboard exploring amazing coral reefs,  a huge variety of macro and marine life, isolated beaches and stunning landscapes. Wakatobi is thought to be home to over 940 fish species and 750 coral reef species and is home to more than 50 spectacular dive sites with an impressive variety of marine life.

Dive Sites

Lorenz’s Delight:
This site has both shallow and deeper areas for both snorkelers and divers. Colourful overhangs and crevasses and plenty of macro life. At depths below 20 metres are forests of yellow wire corals spiralling five meters or higher off a steep sloping wall. Big sea fans framed in colourful soft corals and flush with schooling fish life.

A series of open-water seamounts connected by lower ridges that create a structure resembling the blade of a serrated knife. Currents allow divers to perform flight-like drifts across the top of these seamounts. The slope of each pinnacle is covered in thick growths of giant sponges and soft corals. View colourful red whip corals, sea fans and a site where larger pelagic animals are likely be sighted, including dolphins and pilot whales.

Magic Pier:
The coral rubble at Magic Pier is one of the best places in the region to observe the rituals of the mandarin fish. It also hosts a resident population of ornate ghost pipefish. With prime viewing areas starting at depths of five meters or less, this site allows divers to enjoy long dive times, and is a favourite for sunset or night dives, when a variety of macro life emerges from shelter.

Photographer Heaven: Wakatobi offers the underwater photographer or videographer a wealth of imaging opportunities and settings, ranging from dramatic drop offs, coral gardens and pinnacles for wide angle shots down to the most minute and rare exotic marine creatures for macro fanatics.

Best time to Dive

Located just south of the equator, the climate is warm with an average of 32°C.  Visitors can dive here all year round with water temperatures ranging from 28°-30°C

Getting there

Getting  to Wakatobi

Wakatobi is located in the Tukang Besi Island Group in Indonesias Southeastern Sulawesi region.

Fly into Wakatobi Matohara Airport on Wangi-Wangi island and connect to Wakatobi by boat  or alternatively you can take short direct flight from Bali.

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Wakatobi offers variety of accommodation options to choose from.

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