Unspoilt, uncrowded and ultimately a dive destination full of diversity. Known for its coral reefs, big variety of fish life and clear waters, Ha’apai has dive adventures hard to find elsewhere. From swimming with humpback whales, diving its drop-offs, swim-throughs, caves, tunnels, walls and overhangs to simply relaxing, Ha’apai is an idyllic dive destination and a place to get away from it all.


The waters around Ha’apai are pure and clear. Normal visibility is between 30 – 40 metres and sometimes more. Temperatures range from 23-24º in the winter to 28º in the summer. A 5mm wetsuit in the winter is all you’ll need.

Many of the dive sites are in sheltered waters but some are in open water outside the barrier reef, providing encounters with pelagic sharks, tuna, trevally Sea Snakeand barracuda. You’ll see turtles on many dives, as well as eagle rays, sea snakes and myriad tropical reef fish.

Diving the reefs, you’ll find caves, canyons, caverns and tunnels to explore, vertical walls, fast flowing passes and colourful coral gardens. Huge sea caves and complex underwater cave systems and a truly incredible coral arch can all be found around the island of ‘Ofolanga. Hard corals dominate the reefs and there are also gorgonian fans and soft corals and hundreds of fish species.

From July to October, humpback whales can often be spotted from the dive boat as these magnificent creatures migrate through Tongan waters to mate and calf.

Dive Sites

Humpback Whales
Between July and October, humpback whales migrate to the warm tropical waters around Tonga’s Ha’apai islands. This is one of the few places in the world where you can get up close and swim with these majestic creatures. The ultimate lifetime experience and one that is different every time.

Eden Rock
Here you will find an abundance of coral, a few caves and canyons. This all-round dive gives you the opportunity to view large fish with the chance of spotting barracuda, grey reef sharks, turtles and snapper at the drop offs. This dive offers a maximum depth of 30m.

Benny’s Place
If you love macro diving then this dive spot is a must. Amongst the coral, you will find scribbled pipefish, mantis shrimps and many splendid gobies. Here you may also see the resident leopard shark or the secretive honeycomb moray.

Max depth 28m, overhead and enclosed environments.
Exciting swim throughs, massive overhangs, winding tunnels and huge coral bommies are the main features of this dive. Divers begin on the inside of the reef before making their way through the reef to the outer face amid throngs of reef fish and amazing coral. Eagle rays and white tips can sometimes be seen in the depths outside the reef, and there are lots of macro critters here as well, including the unusual Whip coral shrimps and Bubble Coral Orangutan

Hot Spring Cave
Max dive depth 30M, Overhead environments, deep diving, experienced divers preferred.

Beneath Ofalanga Island is a massive cave, the entrance lying at 25 metres, the main chamber at 28metres and the ceiling rising to 15 meters. A smaller chamber embraces a hydrothermal vent, which spouts hot water occasionally.

The Arch of Ofalanga
The Arch of OfalangaMax dive depth 30M, overhead and enclosed environments.

The coral arch of Ofalanga was formed in the last ice age and it is one of the most mystifying dive spots in the South Pacific. Gliding beneath the 20 metre wide, 15 metre high arch into the cave entrance tunnel. You’ll find huge lobsters clinging to the roof and sides.

Best time to Dive

You can dive all year round in Ha’apai. The tropical paradise offers warm waters where diving visibility of 30 plus metres is common and up to 70m in winter. If swimming with humpback whales is included on your “to-do” list, then time your trip between July and October.

Getting there

Ha’apai is a group of islands in the central part of Tonga.
Fly into Tonga’s main island of Tongatapu and take a connecting flight to Ha’apai (approx. 50min).
We can organise a taxi/shuttle/boat transfer to the resort.


Accommodation in Ha’paai is set on the fringe of white-sandy beaches and offers visitors a truly relaxed atmosphere. The Tongan styled bungalows (fales) are set on the beachfront and amongst tropical gardens. The resorts include restaurant and bar facilities.