Galapagos Islands

The name “Galapagos” conjures up images of a pristine marine environment – and so it should! It is host to a number of world-renowned dive sites. During just one dive you could expect to see snake eels, schools of eagle rays, sea lions, dolphins, whale sharks, pilot whales, manta rays, a big school of amberjacks, turtles, yellow fin tuna, hundreds of hammerhead sharks, Galapagos sharks and white tip reef sharks. A one-of-a-kind adventure in a diving paradise.


The big fish action is legendary – the best you’re likely to encounter. Liveaboard is the best way to see the Galapagos Islands and will take you to new depths of marine encounters. At legendary dive locations including Darwin’s Arch, Wolf Island, Cousin Rocks and Punta Carrion – each with their own diverse and unique marine environments.

Dive Sites

Darwin Island and Wolf Island

These two world famous sites provide thrilling diving with Schooling Scalloped Hammerhead Sharks, clouds of Tuna, Galapagos Reef Coral and occasionally Whale Sharks and Orcas.

Punta Carrion at Itabaca Channel

Dive amongst White Tipped Sharks, Stingrays, Eagle Rays and Marbled Rays, Scorpion Fish, Sea Turtles and Sea Lions.

Bartolome Punta

Dive down 20-90ft for spectacular marine adventures starring Groupers, Creole Fish, White Tipped Sharks, Barracudas, Scorpion Fish, Sea Turtles, Guinea Puffer Fish, Red Lipped Batfish, Reef Corals and occasionally Hammerheads and Bottlenose Dolphins.