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Moab is one of the top mountain biking destinations in the world with a combination of singletrack to exposed, rocky cliffs. To say this destination is absolutely spectacular is an understatement: its rugged beauty and iconic rocky terrain with the Green and Colorado rivers thrusting their way through this landscape offers biking challenges beyond words. This is the setting for world-famous trails including The Whole Enchalada, Navjo Rocks, Slickrock and riding here will leave you wanting to return and Moab delivers, offering enough trails to keep you busy for weeks…


Moab is a definite destination for the active travel biker.  This unique landscape offers just about every type of bike trail you could ever wish for. Flowing singletracks, exposed rocky cliff descents, Moab is stunning rolling terrain with shorter challenging descents and meandering singletrack. This is a place home to incredible rock formations, rough rugged landscape that both challenge and excite. You’ll need every bit of your technical skills with challenging descents and singletracks.

Moab Top Rides

The Whole Enchilada
As its name suggests, this trail offers every scenario – from alpine pass above the treeline to sandstone canyon of the Colorado River on every type of – black humus, red slickrock and singletrack to paved bike paths.
Distance: 43.2km | Ascent: 699m  Trail Grade: Black Diamond

HyMasa/ Captain Ahab:
These trails are a fun and winding climb with scattered descents combined with singletrack alongside short punchy climbs and drops with scattered descents. The transition from HyMasa to Captain Ahab happens during an easy climb. The flow is smooth and the climbing is minimal. Most intermediate riders will walk a spot or two on this trail.
Distance: 14km | Ascent: 1,277m | Trail Type: 95% Singletrack | Trail Grade: Blue/Black Diamond/Double Black Diamond

Magnificent 7 – aka Mag7:
This network of trails link the upper and lower ends of Gemini Bridges Road and can be ridden as a point-to-point. Mag 7 is named for the 7 trails it links together into one spectacular traverse. Best described as a fast and fun experience. Spectacular views into the canyons. Singletrack and slickrock and great ledges to ride on.
Distance: 35.2km | Ascent: 1,815m  | Trail Type: 70% Singletrack | Trail Grade: Blue to Double Black Diamond

Navajo Rocks Chaco Loop:
This trail system that has some great flow and technical riding. This trail is all singletrack with a few small straight up climbs.
Distance: 28.3km | Ascent: 1,467m  | Trail Type: 95% Singletrack | Trail Grade: Blue/Blue-Black

Slickrock: Intermediate/Advanced
Described to as the best bike ride in America. A bit of everything here – short steep climbs and descents. About 95% of the ride is on incredibly tacky, smooth slickrock.
Distance: 17.2km | Ascent: 819m  | Trail Type: 100% Singletrack | Trail Grade: Green/Blue/Blue-Black

Klondike Bluffs Outer Loop
This is 22km of intermediate joy on dirt singletrack and slickrock! This loop combines the best intermediate trails for a great tour of the Klondike Bluff area. The slickrock can be bumpy, but much of the trail is fast and flowing singletrack, suited to competent intermediate riders.
Distance: 22km | Ascent: 1,355m  | Trail Type: 90% Singletrack  | Trail Grade: Blue/Blue-Black

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Getting There

Getting to Moab, Utah

Moab is located in eastern Utah and the gateway to multiple national parks and features some of the best trail rides in the USA.
Fly into Airport Options: Salt Lake City (4hrs to Moab) – Denver (5hrs to Moab ) / Grand Junction (1.5hrs)


Moab has a variety of accommodation options to choose from.

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