Start planning your next homegrown adventure

There’s no place like home and what better way to connect with the beauty of our country than exploring the best active travel throughout New Zealand. Whether it’s skiing, hiking, mountain biking, diving, or fishing; whether it’s across the North Island, South Island, Stewart Island or anywhere in between; we’ve got you covered.

Where are you dreaming of going first? Will it be a ski holiday to the slopes at one of the many world class ski resorts, a trip out on the boat fishing with some of the world’s friendliest and best fishing operators, who’ll help you land the powerful marlin, swordfish and yellowtail kingfish, as well as great-tasting snapper, or even a weekend away biking past snow-capped mountains and stunning glacier lakes?

Whatever your active adventure choice and whoever you plan to go with, we have plenty of active experiences for you to discover NZ and its beauty.