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Niue Island

Niue is a beautiful place to visit and the diving offered here is excellent. One of the island’s greatest features is the incredibly clear water surrounding it. Visibility can reach up to 100 metres, and rarely falls below 30 metres. Diving on Niue is easy yet rewarding, with an interesting mix of caverns and pristine […]

Niue Island

Only 260sqm in size, the South Pacific Island of Niue is home to some incredible crystal-clear waters, and a unique rugged coastline where a narrow reef shelf  provides access to deep ocean waters and great fishing experiences. Deep-water reef fish and pelagic species predominate, with mahi mahi and wahoo, and tuna in season, offering a good fight.


A passion for marathon running, snowboarding, surfing, and the great outdoors keep Kelsey busy. This makes for the perfect career choice – marketing active travel experiences. Kelsey’s strong digital marketing background compliments her passion for travel as she heads up the marketing team at travel&co. Travelling has taken Kelsey around the world including the USA, […]


As a kid, Josina spent a lot of time in and around the sea, diving and fishing; a life that fostered her passion for the environment, outdoors and active travel experiences. Today, Josina has just under 46 countries on her travel resume, and her travel journey has taken many roads. Swimming with Humpback whales in Niue, hiking the […]


Coming face to face with a 14ft tiger shark. Call it commitment to the job or thrill seeker adventures. Markus will claim it’s both and tell you that this encounter is just one of his beyond ordinary diving experiences. When it comes to boats, you can be sure Markus is either on one or organising […]