With visibility reaching up to 80 metres, there’s plenty to catch the eye when diving in Niue with its mix of caverns, pristine hard coral reefs and abundance of tropical marine life.


Niue is a beautiful place to visit and the diving offered here is excellent .One of the island’s greatest features is the incredibly clear water surrounding it. Visibility can reach up to 80 metres, and rarely falls below 30 metres. Diving on Niue is easy yet rewarding, with an interesting mix of caverns and pristine hard coral reef to explore, and a wide selection of tropical marine life to discover.

Niue is a very special South Pacific island destination, situated 410 km east of Tonga across the dateline. It is one single island, the largest coral land mass in the world, an uplifted coral atoll atop an old undersea volcano and rises off the sea bed out of the very deep Pacific Ocean.

Niue is blessed with great natural beauty inland, and a unique rugged coastline and small reef that provides superb fishing, diving and snorkelling. The surging Pacific Ocean has created soaring archways, deep chasms, cool caves, fascinating rock pools and intimate swimming coves around the island. As a fringe of coral reef clings to Niue’s sides before plunging to abyssal depths, there are no sandy beaches. Nor are there streams or rivers on the island; the rain filters through the porous coral out into the warm Pacific Ocean completely devoid of any silt runoff. This allows the surrounding sea to be crystal clear (it doesn’t get any clearer) with water visibility often up to 70 metres.
The flora and fauna are spectacular with butterflies everywhere. A walk in the tropical rainforest is a “must do”, as is visiting the stalactites, stalagmites, caves and limestone formations. Everywhere you go on Niue there is an abundance of Bougainvillaea, Frangipani, Hibiscus and Orchids. There is also a rich abundance of bird life.

There is a simplicity about holidaying on Niue; no cities and no crowds. It is the cleanest, safest and tidiest Pacific nation. Crime, graffiti, drugs, traffic lights and pollution are almost un-heard of. The currency is in New Zealand dollars and everyone speaks English. If that’s not enough, the warm climate, smiling faces and tranquil village life will make you feel at home.

Niue best suits those looking for an adventure activities holiday in a quiet place with some diving or fishing.

Humpback Whale season is between June and October.

Niue is a very special place for the adventurous and reasonably agile. Her unique geological feature has created spectacular formations, both along its coast, and deep within the rainforest where subterranean caves interlace the limestone mantle. Some of the other highlights are two cave trips with stalactites and stalagmites and one of the best rain forest walks in the Pacific, and a Circle Island Tour. Add to this dramatic chasms, Limu Pools, natural rock arches and small sandy coves squeezed between magnificent rock formations.