Mike Ball

Mike Ball Dive Expeditions is one of the leading liveaboard dive companies in Australia and is synonymous with world class dive sites and exceptional customer service. Catamaran designs have been chosen for all of the vessels to provide unsurpassed comfort and stability.


Mike Ball Dive Expeditions is based in Cairns, Australia and boasts over  40 years of service experience. The liveaboard experiences are suitable for all  divers. From the adventurous wanting big fish, deep walls and shark action to beginners looking to explore this underwater paradise. The main attractions are the outer edge of the Great Barrier Reef, the remote oceanic reefs in the Coral Sea plus the legendary Cod Hole. Enjoy the incredible diversity of marine life, coral gardens, pinnacles and dive walls that plummet to 1000m in 35 meters of visibility. The diving in and around the Great Barrier Reef and the Coral Sea provides a beyond ordinary dive experience. Talk to our Active Travel Experts and create an amazing dive experience.

Mike Ball Dive Expeditions introduced a formal Solo Diving Program on the vessels, which allow suitably experienced and equipped divers to dive on their own. This has proved extremely popular with underwater photographers and diving professionals who often have a need to dive without a buddy.