Bike Fruita & Grand Junction

Fruita and Grand Junction is a mountain bikers paradise home some of the best singletrack and slickrock trails in western USA. Discover desert scenery and unforgettable mountain biking experiences with breathtaking scenery and a perfect combination of terrain to challenge riders of all skill levels. Top rides include the Kokopelli s trail with 29km’s of singletrack, the Lunch Loops and the Zion Curtain Loop with over 28kms of Doubletrack.  


Located at the junction of the Colorado and Gunnison rivers, Grand Junction is renowned for world class singletrack trails with one of the top rides in the area – the challenging Lunch Loops with big slickrock, drops and singletrack.  Nearby the quaint town of Fruita, located on the banks of the Colorado river and surrounded by the Rocky Mountains is fast gaining a reputation as one of the premier mountain biking destinations in Colorado.

From biking along scenic single track, along desert valley floors with washes, sharp ridges and red rock walls, to riding along the edge of sandstone cliffs, challenging climbs and steep descents.  Fruita & Grant Junction offer diverse bike trails with a variety of challenges for all levels perfect for all mountain and cross county biking and spectacular views of the Colorado river, Grand Mesa, Grand Valley and Colorado’s wine country.

Fruita & Grand Junction Top Rides

18 Road Trails:
Zippity Loop is the furthest west trail in the trail network, being more remote than other 18 Road areas, riding  high up on the ridges with expansive views.
Distance: 13.7km | Ascent: 208m  | Trail Grade: Blue Square/Black Diamond

Rabbit Valley to Western Rim:
Known as one of the highlights of the area: with over 9.6km’s of picturesque singletrack that winds around the rim above the Colorado River.
Distance: 30.8km | Ascent: 524m | Trail Grade: Blue Square

Westwater Overlook Trail:
This lollipop loop runs parallel to the Kokopelli Trail and travels through the heart of Rabbit Valley using the Overlook, Western Mesa, and Arch Loop.
Distance: 35.5km | Ascent: 443m | Trail Grade: Blue Square

Kokopelli Loops:
This ride travels a scenic singletrack route through the desert that connects many of the top trails.
Distance: 29.3km | Ascent: 496m | Trail Grade: Blue Square

Kokopelli Loops (Technical):
This ride is set to challenge you, running clockwise through the Kokopelli Loops between Loma and Mack near Fruita. Rewarding views of the Kokopelli Loops make this ride worth while.
Distance: 26.4km | Ascent: 609m | Trail Grade: Black Diamond

Zion Curtain:
A loop ride located on the Colorado and Utah border, climbing to the mesa overlooking Rabbit Valley. Over 19km’s of doubletrack trail makes this ride as challenging as it is rewarding.
Distance: 28.8km | Ascent: 511m | Trail Grade: Blue Square/Black Diamond

Palisade Rim:
The experience of this trail is equal with Moab’s Porcupine Rim, but offers less people and more singletrack.
Distance: 13.7km | Ascent: 450m | Trail Grade: Black Diamond

Lunch Loops (Grand Junction):
A virtual playground for mountain bikers with nearly an endless array of rocks and tricky lines including big slickrock sections, technical drops and incredible singletracks making this a premiere trail.
Distance: 19.5km | Ascent: 484m | Trail Grade: Blue Square/Black Diamond

Fruita & Grand Junction Trail Map

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Getting There

Fruita & Grand Junction is located in Mesa County, Colorado, USA,

  • Fly into Grand Junction and we can arrange a shuttle to the resort – approximately 10 minutes
  • Fly into Denver Airport and we can arrange a shuttle to the resort – approximately 4 hours
  • Fly into Salt Lake City Airport and we can arrange a shuttle to the resort – approximately 4 hours


Fruita & Grand Junction has a variety of accommodation options to choose from.

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