Barb - Accounts

From white Christmas adventures in Whistler to biking expeditions in San Fran and Vancouver, Barb keeps a tight rein on not only the accounts but everyone here at travel&co.

Making the most of every opportunity is how Barb rolls and this is evident in and out of the office. With an extensive background in the travel industry, the accounts that come across her desk never cease to amaze. It’s a good day when she makes payments to “intriguing” named places – that definitely puts a smile on her face.

Out of the office, Barb keeps up plenty of sporting traditions. Not only has she supported the NZ Breakers from the very beginning, but shines the NZ tourism torch when meeting and greeting cruise ship passengers during the summer months.

From experience:
Always travel with vacuum bags! They’re great for condensing down big jackets or shopping you’ve purchased along the way!