Bruce - Active Travel Expert

When it comes to travel, especially skiing USA, Canada, Japan and Europe, Bruce is your expert. It all began on the NZ slopes as a child and continues today on mountains all over the world where deep powder and amazing terrain are always on his hit list. Bruce has skied all over North America, Utah and Colorado; Canada – British Columbia; Japan – Hokkaido and Europe – Switzerland, Austria.

But it doesn’t stop there. Diving features highly with a number of experiences rating five stars including scuba diving in the crystal-clear waters of Filfla, Malta in an off-limits reserve (with special permit) and diving with Manta Rays in Hawaii. No need to limit yourself when travel is involved!

From experience:
“Lunges, lunges and lunges!” Yes, when you’re on an amazing ski holiday for a week or two, those quads need to be in tip top shape. And to remember all those special moments: take lots of photos and video (and then show us – we also love living your holiday dream through photos!)

To talk to Bruce about booking your active travel experience contact:
Phone: (09) 909 7792